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Some thoughts from Brook Taverner on their tried and tested quality corporate women clothes:

"Before any of our clothes are sold, we put them through an intense laboratory testing regime. More importantly we ask a number of women wearers to take them home and wash and wear them to destruction. Only if they pass 6 months' of rigorous testing do they become part of the “Wardrobes” & Brook Taverner Business Collection. After nearly 100 years of building a good name we won’t spoil it by taking short cuts."

How many?

Ideally, full-time wearers should be issued with a minimum of 2 jackets, 3 trousers/skirts and 5 shirts/blouses.
The same jacket and trousers or skirt should never be worn on consecutive days. At the end of the day hang the garments up with space around them – the fine fabrics will benefit from having space to breathe.

Vortex Designs have been designing and manufacturing womens work blouses, tops, knitwear & fabric for over 20 years. Specialising in high quality ladies office blouses, our ranges include striped corporate shirts, patterned uniform blouses and plain work tops, as well as knitted work cardigans and tank tops.

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Here you can purchase with confidence personal tailoring of distinction.  I take professional pride in offering you the very finest Ladies Wear - Blouses, Dress Skirts, Socks, Ladies Jackets & Trousers, Ladies Suits and Ladies Jewellery and Watches all at an affordable price and all with my 30 Day Quality Guarantee which covers you for 30 days from receipt of your purchase.

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