The Most Versatile Summer Suit

Published : 07/16/2009 14:32:02
Categories : Summer Suits

Leadenhall Suit Company and love discovering little stars within collections.
We are spoilt for choice this 'SS09' season, but appearing as a strong finsher is the 'Esher' suit.

Esher Summer Suit


Rarely do you find such a gem; I've not seen such a lightly coloured cloth (Natural beige/Sage green) look so correct
on such a wide size range of men. This is ably accommodated by a very generous size scale, starting at 38", up to a King size 60" regular jacket.
I've seen it with my own eyes; whether it's tried on by a slim hospital consultant or a burly tradesman, this suit looks right. 
Does it cost a King's ransom? Come on, you know us better than that!

Wool Linen Suit Esher-Sage Suit Esher-Sage Trousers

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